Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Smart Notebook Viewer: Ninja-tastic!

Got a chance to use the notebook viewer and it works great. I downloaded some Notebook files from the SMART resource center and used their built-in annotation and selection tools to mark up lessons and interact with objects. The interface is basically a Read Only version of SMART's Notebook software, so you can't save your work, but overall a very nice program to have as a short-cut on your desktop.

  1. Ninja TIP for Saving Notebook Viewer work - If you do have a nice lesson and activity that you just viewed, marked up, and want to save your work. Just have your original whiteboard software running such as ActivStudio, Interwrite Workspace, Easiteach, etc... and use their capture feature to take screen shots of all your slides that you can import back into your own proprietary whiteboard formats, then export to a PDF, upload and share. You just can't go back and edit your work.
  2. Promethen and SMART users can convert each other's file formats back and forth (at least with later editions) I'll have to confirm for the latest versions, it's often kept hush-hush since IWB companies use pre-made lessons as a part of their selling strategies, and schools just eat them up.

Promethean also has a viewer application as well, and I'll have more on that soon!


Anonymous said...

It is great to see someone thorough in their 'investigations' and reviews. I am an avid SMART Board user/proponent... former district level Instr. Tech. person and always hated the biased blogs and posts that are all about preference and bashing the 'competition' - it is great to see someone share their reviews in what appears so far to be an objective approach. Keep up the good.

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seojyo said...

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